Lindsay Riordan

Diane is an amazing teacher - I've taken her mat and reformer pilates classes. She really helps and gives you individual attention which has really helped a beginner like me. I love every class and look forward to continuing working with her!. In the few weeks that I've been taking Pilates lessons from her, I've improved my strength and flexibility and really appreciate Diane's expertise and kindness. I definitely recommend anyone wanting to take Pilates, yoga, or Barre to take it at the Core of Wellness!


Diane is an incredible instructor. She has drive and passion for what she does. She truly cares about her clients and wants to ensure that they getting healthy in mind and body. She offers individualized attention to each and every client. Diane is very knowledgeable in all aspects of body mechanics and how to allow the body to function at its optimum level to prevent injuries. It's what you do today that matters 20-30 years from now.

Patricia DeVellis

I had not exercised for about a year and needed to get back to a routine that fit my ability, schedule and needs. I think that I have struck gold! I love the classes and Diane is awesome. Very attentive, watches to make sure that you do not hurt yourself. I just love love it!!! I want to thank Diane for being so patient and for helping me get my waist back!!!! Thank you, your truly are a credit to the profession!!!!Thank you Diane!! You are the best...

Christa B

The Core of Wellness - Boston North is a godsend! I was in need of an exercise program to improve my health and I was interested in finding a place with a professional, hands-on atmosphere that offered something different. I found it all at the Core of Wellness - Boston North. Diane, the owner & director, is amazing! She’s extremely knowledgeable in her profession and takes the time to understand your needs relating to your mind, body and soul. The programs offered helped me to lose weight and improve my overall health tremendously. The smaller classes allow for Diane to give personal attention to the members, which you don’t receive in most health and fitness facilities. Diane’s passion inspires me to want to work hard to improve myself. I love everything about the Core of Wellness. I can’t imagine being any place else!

Jo B.

Being a senior citizen with a few health issues, I am happy to say I have found a solution to my health problems-The Core of Wellness Boston North. The owner and instructor, Diane Onorio, took the time to understand my health issues and tailored a program for me using the Pilates Reformer. Her patience and expertise has me on the right track to good health. My primary care physician and my back specialist noticed an improvement in my posture and leg strength, and, my vascular doctor wants me to continue with the Reformer classes to enhance my circulation. Thanks to Diane, I am a healthier and happier 80 year old!


Finding Diane and Core of Wellness has been just what I needed. I worked as a computer professional for many years and Pilates reformer is the first exercise regimen I have found that works the entire body. It is low impact and has made me much stronger, balanced and flexible. Diana is a great instructor and always makes sure you are doing the exercises using the proper form. I highly recommend Diane and Core of Wellness!

Jane Makson

The Core of Wellness Boston North has given me a new out look on health and exercise. For years I was intimidated to join a exercise program until I met with Diane and started with the Pilate reformer classes. Diane’s knowledge, and kindness is meeting my needs. Each day I feel stronger and more confident in my in my exercise program.

Jane Makson

Where do I begin? I am that person who hadn’t exercised in YEARS. Afraid that I couldn’t do , couldn’t keep up, just couldn’t. Well The Core of Wellness North Boston proved me wrong. Thanks to Diane’s patience, knowledge and her over all kindness. You can now find me at The Core of Wellness 3 to 4 times a week. I just feel welcomed all the time. Also the group of clients at The Core of Wellness are just so kind. The energy created by Diane is one of kindness, but also packed with he improvement of health. Oh yay also fun!

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